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Education Research

A guide to starting points in education research at Queen's University, Kingston.

In-Class Activity: Find the Research From the Citation

Scanning the reference lists that appear at the end of recent articles, chapters, or books -- especially handbooks --  is one of the best ways to delve in to the research literature in your field.  These lists of citations have been compiled by experts on your topic, so using them is a smart and efficient way to get immersed in the core literature and to discover what has already been investigated and what remains to be done or re-considered. 

Find the Research From the Citation Activity

Please work in pairs.

Use the citation assigned to your group to find the item cited.

In 5 minutes you will come up to the workstation and talk us through how you found the item.  If the item is something physically  here in the library, point to where we would find it or go get it.

Group 1

Kovach, M. (2009).  Indigenous methodologies:  Characteristics, conversations and contexts.  Toronto:  University of Toronto Press.

Group 2

Swadener, B. B., & Mutua, K. (2008).  Decolonizing performances: Deconstructing the global postcolonial.  In N. K. Denzin, Y.S. Lincoln, & L. T. Smith (Eds.).  Handbook of critical and indigenous methodologies (pp. 31-44).  Los Angeles:  Sage Publications. 

Group 3

Evans, M., Hole R., Berg L., Hutchinson, P., Sookraj, D., & the Okanagan Urban Aboriginal Research Health Collective.  (2009).  Common Insights, Differing Methodologies:  Towards a Fusion of Indigenous Methodologies, Participatory Action Research, and White Studies in an Urban Aboriginal Research Agenda, Qualitative Inquiry, 15(5), 893-910.

Group 4

Bastien, B. (1999).  Blackfoot Ways of Knowing -- Indigenous Science.  Unpublished doctoral dissertation, California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco.

Group 5

Richardson, C., and Blanchet-Cohen, N. (2000). Survey of Post-secondary Education Programs in Canada for Aboriginal Peoples. Unpublished report for UNESCO, Institute for Child Rights and Development and First Nations Partnership Programs, University of Victoria.