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French Language & Literature


Primary source material is a key part of historical research. A primary source is a document in which an event is described by its witnesses. Some examples are: diaries, letters, speeches, letters, interviews, newspapers, autobiographies, official records including government documents, pamphlets, photographs, films, art, novels, music, furniture, clothing, buildings, and jewellery.
A secondary source interprets and analyses primary sources. Secondary sources are one step removed from the event. Some examples are: textbooks, journal articles, histories, criticism, commentaries and encyclopedias.
To find books on a topic, search the Queen's Catalogue (QCAT) by author, title, subject headings, or keyword.
To find books by a particular author/person, search QCAT by author:
flaubert gustave
To find books about a particular author/person, search QCAT by subjectheading:
roy gabrielle
If you are searching for books on a particular work, check for headings with the name of a single work following the author and click on that heading.
e.g. Roy, Gabrielle, 1909-1983. Bonheur d'occasion
If there are no books on a single work, choose the general heading "Criticism and Interpretation".
e.g. Roy, Gabrielle, 1909-1983. Criticism and interpretation
If there are no books on the author you are looking for, try the following subject headings:
Authors, French -- Biography
Authors, French-Canadian -- Biography
Authors, French -- Bio-bibliography
French literature -- Bio-bibliography
French-Canadian literature -- Bio-bibliography
French literature -- History and criticism
To find books on a topic, use a keyword search (including Boolean operators: and, or, not) if you do not know the correct subject heading for a topic. Think of the focus (or key) words that describe your topic. Combine words with "and". Use quotations for phrases.
"french novelists" and "20th century"
Select useful titles and look at the full record for subject headings.
Children's literature, French-Canadian--History and criticism
Authors, French-Canadian--Québec (Province)--Biography--Dictionaries--French
Examples of other types of subject headings:
French literature--To 1500--History and criticism
Literature and society--France
Politics and literature--France
You can find bibliographies on a topic by looking for the subdivision bibliography following a subject heading.
France--Social conditions--Bibliography
You can find primary sources in the library by looking for the subdivision sources following a subject heading.
France--History--Medieval period, 987-1515--Sources