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Intermediate Senior Science

Resources for Science in the Grade 7-12 Classroom


Science First Peoples Teacher Resource Guide Grades 5 to 9 First Nations Education Steering Committee First Nations Schools Association

While developed for B.C. teachers, this guide is often adapted for schools in Ontario. "This guide is intended in part to address the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, particularly the call to “integrate Indigenous knowledge and teaching methods into classrooms” (clause 62) and “build student capacity for intercultural understanding, empathy and mutual respect” (clause 63)." (Intro. P.4)

Unit 1 Traditional Ecological Knowledge 27

Unit 2 Plants and the Connection to Place 53

Unit 3 Power from the Land 79

Unit 4 Bears and Body Systems 105

Unit 5 Climate Change 121

Unit 6 Shaking and Flooding 141

Unit 7 Interconnectedness of the Spheres 151

Unit 8 Ocean Connections 171

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