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Open and Affordable Course Materials

Announcing the 2017 Successful Open Textbook Proposals

The Open and Affordable Course Materials Working Group at Queen’s is pleased to announce the successful proposals to develop and review open course materials for Queen’s courses. The working group received great response from interested faculty, both to review existing open textbooks and to author open text books.

Create an Open Textbook 

The group has selected three proposals to create an open textbook for an upcoming course/program at Queen's, with cross campus support:  

  • Meghan E. Norris, Psychology, developing a textbook for PSYC204 (Applications and Careers in the Psychological Sciences)
  • Ryan Martin, Physics, Engineering Physics & Astronomy, developing a new open access textbook for introductory physics, to be used in PHYS 104/106.
  • Peter MacPherson, Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Health Sciences, developing The QPeds Pediatrics Textbook: An Open Textbook for Undergraduate Medical Students which could serve as the primary reference for MEDS 122 (Pediatrics and Genetics) and MEDS 444 (Pediatrics Clerkship). It would also contain content relevant to seven additional first and second year medical courses.

Successful grant recipients will work with the Open and Affordable Course Materials Working Group to develop timelines, deliverables and assessment plans. Once developed, these works will be shared with an appropriate open license so that others can easily adopt and use them in their courses.

Review an Existing Peer Reviewed Open Textbook 

The successful proposals to review an existing openly licensed, high-quality, peer-reviewed textbook are:

  • Nancy Salay, reviewing forall x: An Introduction to Formal Logic, by Magnus for PHIL361 F.
  • Ugurhan Berkok reviewing Principles of Microeconomics: Saylor, by Rittenberg and Tregarthen and Principles of Microeconomics: OpenStax, by Taylor for ECON111 F
  • George Boland Reviewing Intermediate Financial Accounting (Volume 1), Arnold et al and Intermediate Financial Accounting (Volume 2), Arnold et al for COMM313 F.

eCampusOntario Award Recipient

Congratulation to Sidneyeve Matrix who received funding from eCampusOntario, to adapt three existing open resources on design thinking into a single new open text suitable for her high-enrolment (300) first-year post-secondary course in design thinking.