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Open and Affordable Course Materials

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eCampusOntario, a not-for-profit corporation, is funded by the Government of Ontario to be a centre of excellence in online and technology-enabled learning for all publicly-funded colleges and universities in Ontario.


The Open Textbook Library

A collection for learners and educators alike.

The Open Textbook Library is a way for students to access free textbooks and academic materials. It’s both accessible and free, two factors that students value at a time when traditional textbooks are costly and printed in limited quantity. All of the resources and textbooks in the Open Textbook Library can be downloaded for free and printed on demand for a minor fee.

Under Creative Commons licensing, the library also benefits Ontario educators by allowing them to adapt, adopt and remix materials, which can then be used by colleagues or students in new contexts.

Open Textbook Library | Open Textbook Library for Ontario Post-Secondary Education | eCampusOntario

Interested faculty, meet the criteria and become a textbook reviewer. Instruct in the subject area of the open text. Currently teach at a post-secondary institution in Ontario. Possess a willingness to adopt a high quality open textbook. Apply to be an open textbook reviewer here.