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Open Educational Resources

National Science Digital Library

The National Science Digital Library provides multimedia, lessons, and assessment resources for kindergarten through post-seondary with an emphasis on  sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).


iLumina offers images, videos, and courses for undergraduate chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, and computer science. 

SMETE Digital Library

The Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology Education Digital Library includes 9000 items covering lesson plans, case studies, tutorials, and images.

National Engineering Education Delivery System Digital Library

NEEDS offers educators in engineering, compuer science, math, physical and life sciences 100 000 items: instructional software, simulations, tutorials, research papers, case studies, lectures and presentations.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy 4500 videos primarily on many aspects of  math and science topics such as biology, chemistry, and physics.


The ChemCollective is a collection of virtual labs, scenario-based learning activities, tutorials, and concept tests. Teachers can use our content for pre-labs, for alternatives to textbook homework, and for in-class activities for individuals or teams.

Chemistry Central is an open access publisher, operated by BioMed Central and owned by Springer Science+Business Media, committed to the free and widespread dissemination of chemical research.\

Directory of Open Access Books--ChemistryIndex to open access eBooks.

Physics Education Technology (PhET)

PhET offers interactive research-based simulations of physical phenomena from the PhET™ project at the University of Colorado.

Geology and Environmental Science

Visible Geology working simulation, microworlds, and games for geology.

Directory of Open Access Books--Earth and Environmental StudiesIndex to open access eBooks.

Applied Math and Science Education Repository

AMSER is a portal of applied science and mathematics materials for use in the classroom and designed for students in community and technical colleges.

Math and Statistics

 The Math Forum contains the Internet Mathematics Library offering links to educational materials, problems and exercises, courses, lesson plans, calculators, computer and mobile math software. 

Directory of Open Access Books--Mathematics and StatisticsIndex of open access eBooks.

Biology and Bio-Medical

BioMed Central Open Access Journals; a variety of journals including BMC Nursing, BMC Oral Health, BMC Palliative Care, BMC Pharmacology.

Directory of Open Access Books--BiologyIndex to open access eBooks.

Directory of Open Access Books--Science (General)

InTech is one of the largest multidisciplinary open access publisher of books covering Science, Technology and Medicine.