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Build Your Textbook: 6 Steps

Output Formats

To make your book as accessible as possible, consider making your textbook available in multiple formats so students have the ability to choose the format that works for them. For example, make your textbook available as a:

  • Website (HTML)
  • ePub document for e-readers
  • Print-friendly PDF document.


Once you have adapted your version of the textbook, you will need a place to put your textbook where your students can access it.

  1. QSpace: Host your textbook in QSpace, Queen's Research Repository. 
  2. onQ: Upload the raw html into onQ, Queen's new Learning Management System. Use the LMS as your book 'platform'
  3. Web hosting: If you have generated your textbook using a web editing tool such as, you can porvide the link to your students e.g. via your web page.