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BIOL 350: Evolution and Human Affairs


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Morag Coyne
Rm 512 Douglas Library
Queen's University
Kingston, ON.
Placed on administrative leave from Oct. 12, 2021 to April 30, 2022. Contact during this time.


This libguide was created in 2016 by Dr. Tatiana Zaraiskaya.  Later updates by Morag Coyne.


This libguide provides supplementary materials for students enrolled in BIOL 350.  

The course outline states:

In BIOL 350, we examine the evolutionary roots of human nature, culture, social life, and civilization, the evolutionary roots of the challenges that currently face our species, and hence the evolutionary roots of our future. Specifically, lecture topics explore how biological and cultural evolution interact in affecting how we think and behave, and hence how this interaction affects our understanding of a wide range of human affairs, including why we have arrived at our present predicament – the 'human condition'. An appreciation of this historical human journey is essential for guiding a new and improved Project of Civilization to replace the old one.


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Supplementary Books

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