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COMM 104: Ethics and CSR

 Synonyms, variants for the 'ethics' concept

ethic or ethics or ethical

moral or morals or morality or immorality

legal or legality 

values or integrity or beliefs 

search tip:  most databases support truncation - replace the endings of words with a symbol to search all variations. It is usually an asterisk *

example:      ethic* or moral* or legal*  

synonyms/ variant terms for a topic about delivery services and working conditions

DoorDash/ Uber Eats/ SkipTheDishes                   
delivery platform / delivery app / third-party app
online ordering

gig economy
digital economy
part-time / full-time
independent contractors
labour / labor
employment rights
living wage

keywords or search terms

These are suggestions to illustrate building a list of possible search words. Include synonyms, variant spellings, terms and phrases that describe the concept, oppose it, popular and technical terminology.  

The lists are not comprehensive or exhaustive, just a sample of how to start searching.