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COMM 105: Business Communications

Search with key or concept words

  • Start your search with key words or concept words from the topic or assignment description.
  • Make a quick list of synonyms, other terms or phrases to express the same concepts, or the opposing concepts.
  • As you search, note which search terms work, which don’t, and add to your list as you scan the search results.
  • Search again with revised/different words
  • filter by date or type of publication

use 'OR' to link synonyms together in a search box

use 'AND' to combine with other concepts

Finding other relevant sources

* Use the sources listed by the authors of the reports and articles you find

- this is particularly helpful in identifying scholarly sources

Look at:

  • footnotes
  • URL's and links
  • captions on statistical charts and tables
  • references/ bibliographies/ works cited

These are lists of other relevant sources.

Find them searching Omni, Journalsor the open web.


credible, authoritative, evidence-based sources include:

  • news, magazine and academic journal articles
  • studies and reports from Canadian and international government departments and agencies, research institutes, think tanks, advocacy groups, indigenous organizations
  • industry and market research reports, company news
  • major banks, consulting firms, equity analysts

resource examples

Bonell C, Michie S, Reicher S, et al Harnessing behavioural science in public health campaigns to maintain ‘social distancing’ in response to the COVID-19 pandemic: key principles J Epidemiol Community Health 2020;74:617-619.

Democratic Health Communications during Covid-19: A RAPID Response
Heidi Tworek, Ian Beacock, and Eseohe Ojo
University of British Columbia  2020

Chelsea Moran, David J T Campbell, Tavis S Campbell, Pamela Roach, Lyne Bourassa, Zoe Collins, Marysia Stasiewicz, Patrick McLane, Predictors of attitudes and adherence to COVID-19 public health guidelines in Western countries: a rapid review of the emerging literatureJournal of Public Health, 2021;, fdab070,