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GNDS 125: Gender, Race and Popular Culture

Online library research guide

Article Databases

The best databases to locate scholarly journal articles in the field of Gender Studies are:

Gender Studies Database
Indexes scholarly and popular journals covering gender-engaged scholarship.

LGBT Life with Full Text
Provides complete indexing and abstracting of content related to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender studies in journals, magazines, and newspapers. Contains a specialized thesaurus and also provides full text from a number of the most important and historically significant LGBT sources including dozens of full-text monographs.

You can also search Summon or a multidisciplinary database such as Academic Search Complete, but keep in mind that the scope of these databases are very broad, whereas the two databases recommended above are focused on gender-engaged scholarship.

Accessing Databases

You can either use the database links embedded on this guide, or start your research from the Library Homepage and click the Databases tab, then enter the name of the database you wish to search:

Queen's Library Homepage

Types of Articles

Indexes and databases contain a variety of types of articles including popular (magazine) and academic or scholarly or peer-reviewed (journals). It is important to know the difference so that the sources you use for your assignments are scholarly, not popular. For more information, consult the guide Distinguishing Scholarly Journals from Other Periodicals.

When searching the recommended databases on this guide you can limit or restrict your search results to return only scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles by selecting the appropriate "limiters" within the database:

limiters available within databases include peer reviewed journal articles

Accessing the Full Text of an Article

get it at queen's logo

If the full text of an article is not in the database you are searching, click on the Get it @ Queen's icon and follow the links (please note that not all articles are available online).