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BIOL 111: Ecology and the Environment


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BIOL 111 Course Description

This libguide provides supplementary materials for students enrolled in BIOL 111.  

The course outline states:

BIOL 111 introduces the basic concepts of ecology and demonstrates how these relate to topics such as human population growth, resource management, biodiversity, agriculture, air and water pollution, energy use and climate change. It is designed for students from a variety of backgrounds at all levels of post-secondary education and is recommended as a foundation course for students with an interest in ecology and the environment. 

This course will expose students to the latest literature on ecology and the environment. The textbook is a solid introduction to the basic concepts in ecology and environmental science and will enable students to tackle more advanced readings in the scientific literature as well as in popular media. It is divided into a series of topics that correspond to the modules of the course. Students will consider the social, political and economic challenges to environmental sustainability as they progress through the course.

Supplementary Books