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BIOL 321: Animal Behaviour


The articles used in the course reading are from the following journals.  Note that the links will take you to the library catalogue records.  Choose from the links at the end of each record to view the journal content.

The American Naturalist:  First published in 1867, this monthly journal addresses evolutionary biology and ecology.  Published by the University of Chicago Press.  Peer reviewed.

Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology:  Started in 1976 and published by Springer (Germany), this monthly journal deals with quantitative, empirical and theoretical studies in the field of analysis of animal behavior at the levels of the individual, population and community.  Peer reviewed.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America:   First published in 1915, this multidisciplinary journal is published weekly by the National Academy of Sciences.  It covers the physical, biological and social sciences, including many discplines within biology. There are a variety of primary and secondary sources published in this journal, including research articles, review articles, reports, commentaries and colloquium papers.  Peer reviewed.

Proceedings - Royal Society.  Biological Sciences:   Published by The Royal Society Publishing since 1832, it is the longest-running scientific journal in the world.  Currently published bi-weekly.  Broad range of subject matter, but the articles are generally short.  Peer reviewed.

Trends in Ecology and Evolution:  Published monthly by Elsevier since 1986, this journals contains reviews, commentaries and letters.  Peer reviewed.