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BIOL 321: Animal Behaviour

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a training website that features thousands of videos that teach skills in technology, software, business and creativity.

Access is through the Queen's ITS portal. Log in with your Queen's netID and password.

Search for one of the courses below or search terms such as ‘statistical analysis’.  The following are courses that we feel may be of interest to you:

  1.  Excel 2007:  Business Statistics
  2.  Data-Analysis Fundamentals with Excel
  3.  SPSS Statistics Essential Training (for those that own a license to use SPSS or can access it on campus)
  4.  R Statistics Essential Training (for those that are happy working in ‘code’)

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is online learning site that offers instructional videos and practical exercises.  It offers a personalized learning experience for all ages.

Access this site via  

  • Select ‘start learning now’, sign up with email (name, email & date of birth required) and then make sure that you reply to confirmation email by clicking on ‘finish signing up’ link.
  • Once this is done, log in using your relevant details (you will be prompted to set up a user name/password and to choose an avatar).
  • Once logged in, select ‘probability & statistics’ from the math option on the left of the screen

All of the key areas are covered within this section.  Make sure that you scroll down through the list and review the material that you feel will be of help to you.

If you have any questions, please contact your TA who will try and answer your questions!