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Research Data Management at Queen's University

Guide to Research Data Management planning

Funding Agency Policies

In Canada, Tri-Agency funders (SSHRC, CIHR, and NSERC) already require that scholarly publications arising from funded research be made public within 12 months of publication. Of the three, two currently have policies regarding research data:

SSHRC has had a Research Data Archiving Policy for over 25 years:

"All research data collected with the use of SSHRC funds must be preserved and made available for use by others within a reasonable period of time. SSHRC considers "a reasonable period" to be within two years of the completion of the research project for which the data was collected". 

The CIHR policy states:

"CIHR has a fundamental interest in ensuring that the findings that result from the research it funds, including research publications and publication-related data, are available to the widest possible audience, and at the earliest possible opportunity"

NSERC does not currently have a policy requiring data deposit.

Policy Directions

The Tri-Agency is developing a comprehensive shared policy on research data, as outlined in their Statement of Principles on Digital Data Management.  We expect this policy will come into effect sometime in 2018. 

Implications of this emerging policy are being addressed at Queen's, in Ontario, and nationally. Libraries are playing a key and proactive role, providing robust data repositories (e.g. Scholars Portal Dataverse), establishing the Portage national network of RDM expertise, developing Data Management Planning (DMP) tools for researchers (e.g. Portage DMP Assistant), and actively engaging with funding agencies and researchers to identify and address particular concerns.  Queen's University Library has taken an active and leading role in these and other research data initiatives.