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Research Data Management at Queen's University

Guide to Research Data Management planning

Data Repositories & Archives

Queen's University Library (QUL) actively encourages the deposit research data into a reputable repository. QUL has three primary repositories that may serve your needs, but there are many other discipline-specific archives that may better suit your needs. Contact us for more help.

Scholars Portal -- Dataverse & ODESI

Scholars Portal is a consortium of 21 Ontario academic libraries operating under the umbrella of OCUL, the Ontario Council of University Libraries. Scholars Portal supports a number of data platforms, including an instance of Dataverse and a powerful data search and exploration portal called ODESI


Scholars Portal Dataverse is based on Harvard-developed data-repository software that makes it easy for researchers to deposit and describe their data. Researchers control levels of access, which can be defined right down to individual files.  Files can be made public, be open to specific individuals, or kept completely private. All data are hosted securely on Canadian servers.  See the useful Dataverse guide for more information.  Queen's researchers are encouraged to deposit data into the Queen's University Library Research Data Archive within the Scholars Portal Dataverse. 


The ODESI Data Portal is a web-based data discovery and exploration tool that provides access to data and metadata for thousands of survey, polling, and aggregate data files (including those from Statistics Canada, Gallup, the Canadian Opinion Research Archive, ICPSR, and more).  ODESI consists of two parts: the first is a powerful search system that links to a vast array of data; the second is a web-based exploration tool that supports tabulating, manipulating, and downloading data and/or statistics in a variety of formats. Some researcher-generated data may be appropriate for addition to ODESI.

To discuss either of these Scholars Portal options, contact us.

Queen's University Library - QSpace

QSpace is Queen's University's Institutional Repository. It houses Queen's theses, open access journals, and more.  Queen's University Library has established a Data Archive subcommunity within the QSpace Library community.  The Data Archive is used to house selected researcher-generated data collections with access levels specified by the researcher. Contact us if you want to know more about QSpace as a data deposit option.

Discipline-specific Data Repositories

In some instances, it may be appropriate to deposit your research data in a discipline-specific repository. Here are some useful lists of repositories by discipline: Registry of Research Data Repositories

The Simmons Open Access Directory (OAD) provides a growing list of open access data repositories. 

The University of Oregon maintains another list of data repositories, as part of their research data management guide.