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Primary Junior Indigenous Education

Resources for K-6 teachers.

Public Libraries Support Teachers

Public libraries across Canada are wonderful sources of information and assistance for teachers.  One resource that PJ teachers find useful is the NoveList database from EBSCO.

novelist plus logoThis book-lovers database provide teachers with an efficient way to identify FICTION that connects with a theme or topic.

Primary Junior teachers often introduce a topic by reading a story in class or by recommending stories to their students. Without NoveList Plus, finding these stories would not be easy.

We think you will LOVE NoveList Plus! Sign up at your local public library to explore this and other print and online resources for your classroom.

NoveListPlus is available at the Kingston Frontenac Public Library under Online Resources and Recommendations -- Reading Recommendations. Try it out with your KFPL login to see the value it holds for teachers.‚Äč

Try out a topic search in NoveList Plus:

Search by KEYWORD. 

Use the limits on the left sidebar to refine your results -- try FICTION, Ages 0 to 8 to find picture books.

Open a second tab in your browser to search QCAT to check if we own the title at the Queen's Education Library (public libraries and school learning commons libraries will be other sources for you as teachers).

EXAMPLE:  To find stories for children that would help introduce the topic of subtraction, search for:


Refine the results by selecting Ages 0-8,  Fiction only, and date range from 2000 to 2018 (your choice).

EXAMPLE 2:  To find a list of recommended read-alouds by grade, do a keyword search for read aloud.  

Check out the Quick Links on the top orange menu for Curricular Connections, Grab & Go Book Lists, Picture Book Extenders, and under Browse By, check out the multiple Award Winners that teachers use to pick the best of the best!

Task Reminder

1. Do a demo of how to get to and how to use your site or resource.

2. What makes the resource(s) worth knowing about either for your classroom or your professional learning?

3. Showcase 2-3 items you identified that illustrate the content your source provides for teachers.

Select 1-2 people who will lead your Table's "report back"for the whole class in 10 minutes.  

Toronto District School Board

tdsb logoThe Toronto District School Board has a comprehensive online presence and is the publisher of many excellent print resources for teachers.  I recommend becoming familiar with the following sites and resources that we have access to in this library.