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Primary Junior Indigenous Education

Resources for K-6 teachers.

Online Video Curated for K-12 Classrooms

Queen's University Library provides you with access to OnCore,, and the Campus version of

The Ontario Ministry of Education, through OSAPAC (the Ontario Software Acquisition Program advisory Committee), provides you and all publicly-funded schools in Ontario, with

These are all online video collections that have been carefully curated for K-12 audiences.


OnCore:  a collection compiled by the Ontario video distributor McIntyre Media.  The titles have been correlated directly to the Ontario curriculum, K to 12.

learn360 logo  Every publicly-funded school in Ontario -- every teacher and every student -- has access to this collection of online video that has been correlated to school curricula across North America.  The content is mainly American but there is also limited Canadian content and the videos have been correlated to the Ontario curriculum.

To use you MOST first create your personal teacher account using the Queen's Faculty of Education passkey.  Information about how to do this is included in the Password Guide for Primary Junior teacher candidates.

Task Reminder

1. Do a demo of how to get to and how to use your site or resource.

2. What makes the resource(s) worth knowing about either for your classroom or your professional learning?

3. Showcase 2-3 items you identified that illustrate the content your source provides for teachers.

Select 1-2 people who will lead your Table's "report back"for the whole class in 10 minutes.  

More Video Online logo  an extensive CBC collection that has been curated for the K-12 audience in Canada.  Includes News in Review -- a news review show directed at the Intermediate / Senior grades, but that you may find useful in Grade 6 too.

NFB logo (Campus):  Canada's national public video creator. Includes content for K to 12, with an emphasis on Canadian topics.