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Google Books

Growing index of books, from popular titles to old.
• Read full text of copyright clear books (i.e. author’s death date ≤50 years) and those with
publisher permission. Some are limited preview.
• Download books out of copyright and now in the public domain.
• From university libraries at California, Oxford, Harvard, Madrid, Michigan, Stanford, Texas
(Austin), Virginia, Wisconsin-Madison; New York Public Library; …

Google Earth

A free, downloadable application that works as a browser to show satellite images. 

Use Google Earth to:
• Study natural and political maps.
• Learn map reading and navigation.
• Visually explore historical, news, and census data.
• Promote global and environmental awareness

Google Earth Blog:

Fly-To: A specific address, a city, a province, a postal code, or a country. Tilt the screen to see 3D buildings from the ground. 

Places – Sightseeing or create placemarks in your own folder.
Google Sightseeing:
Visit the latest Sights – Sights by Locality – Sights by Category – Map of Sights – or the National Geographic African Megaflyover Project with 1,000s of high-resolution aerial photographs of Africa.

View Sky Objects:
The new Sky feature allows you to navigate and see stars. View images of distant galaxies and
nebulae from the Hubble Space Telescope, learn about the planets and the lifecycle of the stars.

Juicy Geography is a personal collection of ideas, lessons and resources for Geography teachers.
"Visualizing a safer city" - A decision-making lesson with Google Earth – other Google Earth lessons -
- GPS for teachers has suggestions for choosing and using a GPS in the classroom.

Google Scholar

When searching from home, set up your Google Scholar settings so that you link and access all Queen's holdings with a GetIt@Queen's link. 

• “Cited by” tracking tool
• Links to Get-It@ Queen’s and RefWorks
• Includes 30 web publishers
• Covers 41% of 3 key education databases
• Covers 30% of JSTOR (41 ed. journals)
• Crawls institutional repositories

• Primarily American websites
• Little Canadian content
• Non-English coverage poor
• Date coverage unclear

Finding Words

In Google Chrome, select the tools icon in the top right corner and select Find to search page results for a term.

Error Messages

Sometimes links are broken. To find a copy of the page as Google last recorded it, use the drop-down arrow next to the title and select "cached".

Google News

Top stories – by countries around the world – Canada – and by subject.
• Google News Timeline Search:
• News Map: visual of the most reported news of the day;

Google Videos

Google Trends

Check out the most popular Google searches.