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Professional Development Resources for K-12 Teachers

Annenberg Learning

Annenberg Learner 

Educational video programs for the professional development of K-12 teachers help teachers increase their expertise in subject areas and in teaching methods. On demand videostreaming can be used with your students for teaching and others model teaching in the classroom. Distributes more than 100 multimedia courses and workshops to help teachers keep current on the content they teach including research on the most effective teaching strategies along with their connection to national education content standards, and examples of these principles applied in real classrooms. The video components are paired with extensive Web sites that include online texts, course and workshop guides, and extensive background information to enhance the learning experience.

Ontario Teachers' Federation

Ontario Teachers' Federation

Check their webinars on a wide range of topics.

Professionally Speaking: Magazine of the Ontario College of Teachers

Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario

Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario

Check Innoteach for examples of teachers using innovative pedagogy.

Blog for Beginning Teachers: The Heart and Art of Teaching and Learning

Research for Teachers: current research findings relevant to teaching in elementary schools

Resources Guide to Inquiry-Based Environmental and Sustainability Education