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Government Information: Canada

Information and publications from Canadian governments at federal, provincial, territorial and municipal levels. Also includes help finding information from the census and the Canadian Research Index (MICROLOG).

Finding Government Documents in the Library

How do I look up government documents in QCAT?

If you don't know the exact title of a document, do a keyword search.

  • Think of keywords that describe the topic.
  • If you know which government department produces this information, include some words from its name in your search statement.
  • In QCAT, on the Basic Search screen, select "Keyword" and type your search statement in the box.

I am looking for a report by a committee of the House of Commons on sport in Canada.

sport and canada and house and commons and committee

How do I find a government document on the shelf?

The Government Documents collection is located on the Lower Level of Stauffer Library. The following directions assume that you are at the bottom of the spiral staircase looking into the collection.

There are several areas within the collection. When you look up a document in QCAT, note the location.

Stauffer - Documents

  • This location includes call numbers from CA1 to UN9.

Stauffer - Documents - Compact Shelving

  • This location includes call numbers beginning with UK, US, or ZZ.
  • Area behind the staircase. Follow the posted instructions for moving the shelves.

Stauffer - Documents - Reference

  • This location includes a variety of call numbers.
  • Low shelves near the computers.

Stauffer - Documents - Folios

  • This location is for large items and includes a variety of call numbers.
  • Shelves across from the washrooms, to the left of the entrance to the Map and Air Photo Collection.

Stauffer - Documents - Storage

  • This location includes documents from countries other than Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States, as well as some less-used material from Canada. These items are retrieved by request.

I have looked in the right location but I can't find the call number on the shelf. How do the call numbers work?

Government documents are coded using a system called CODOC which is different from the Library of Congress call numbers used elsewhere in the library. There are three things to keep in mind:

  1. The spaces in the call number are important. Don't think of the call number as one long string of characters. Look at it one section at a time.
    ZZ EC 93E88 comes before ZZ EC21 M12
  2. Serials (journals, annual reports, etc.) come before monographs (books).
    The last part of the CODOC number for a serial starts with a letter. (e.g. B76)
    The last part of the CODOC number for a book starts with a number. (e.g. 95R27)
    CA2 ON SC B76 comes before CA2 ON SC 95R27
  3. In CODOC all numbers are whole numbers (i.e. they are not filed as decimals).

I have a call number for Documents microfiche that says Microlog. How do I find it and how can I read it?

  • Along the East wall of the Lower Level of Stauffer Library is a set of filing cabinets with a sign saying Microlog.
  • The Microlog microfiche are filed in these cabinets in numerical order. Note: If the drawer won't open, check to see if any others are slightly open and push them in. Only one drawer can be open at a time (a safety precaution).
  • When you remove the fiche, put a "Microfiche in Use" card it its place so we can find the spot to refile it more easily.
  • Microform readers/scanners are located directly in front of the exit from the spiral staircase. Instructions are posted next to the machines. You can also get help using the machines from the circulation desk on the ground floor of Stauffer Library.
  • When you are finished, please place the microfiche (in its envelope) in the box on top of the filing cabinet. We refile the microfiche.

You can also learn more about our library's microform collections.

I'm looking for Microfiche 390. Where do I find it?

Queen's theses on microfiche are listed in QCAT as microfiche 390. They are filed alphabetically by author so make a note of the author's name. Go to the filing cabinet to your right and check in the drawers labelled Microfiche No. 390.

See the instructions above for reading microfiche.

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