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HIST 125: The Evolution of Modern Europe

Primary Sources on the Web

General Collections

Provides access to printed documents (books, magazines and newspapers) from the 19th and early 20th centuries.
Spartacus Educational
Is an online encyclopedia with essays, etc on a variety of historical subjects (including British history and the history of the United States as well as other subjects including World War I, World War II, Russian Revolution, slavery, women's suffrage, Nazi and more.

Other Collections of Note




Pamphlets and Periodicals of the French Revolution of 1848

Art History Resources (Christopher Witcombe)

Images for European History

British Library
Online gallery of virtual books and online exhibitions with objects from the British Library Collections.

Is a single access point to millions of books, paintings, films, museum objects and archival records that have been digitised throughout Europe.

Gallica Bibiotheque Nationale de France
Documents and images from the Bibliothèque Nationale.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Timeline of Art History
Images of art and design throughout history, presented in timeline format.

Russian Posters Collection (Duke Univ.)
Russian political posters from 1920's forward.

World Images
A database of over 50,000 images including many areas of imagery (art, architecture, science, etc.).

What are Primary Sources?

Primary sources are original sources, in which its witnesses or first recorders describe a time, person or event.

Some types of primary sources include:

  • diaries and journals
  • speeches, interviews, letters
  • memoirs and autobiographies
  • government documents
  • published materials,  e.g. magazine and newspapers articles written at the particular time

For more information, check the following guide: Primary Sources

Featured Web Site

The Internet History Sourcebooks Project of Fordham University is a collection of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts. Includes:

Internet Medieval Sourcebook
Includes listings for Renaissance and the Reformation and more.

Internet Modern History Sourcebook
Includes listings for the Reformation, Enlightenment, Scientific Revolution,  French Revolution, Napoleon, Industrial Revolution, 19th century ideologies. World War I, Russian Revolution, and World War II and more.