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CHEE 360 - Technical Communications


Student with Papers


The purpose of this guide is to guide you through the literature review process.

I hope that you will find this guide useful. I am also available for research consultations. My contact information is in the Profile box on the right. Please feel free to contact me for further assistance or to recommend a resource for this guide.

Literature Review Process

  1. Formulate a well-defined research question
  2. Develop a literature review plan
    1. Research timeline and deliverables?
    2. Document management?
  3. Do some background reading on your topic
  4. Identify key concepts and terms related to your topic
  5. Identify the types of information you will need to consult, e.g. journals, patents, handbooks, standards, experts, etc.
  6. Select appropriate databases and search engines
  7. Conduct searches
  8. Organize and annotate information