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  • Atlas of Classical History
  • Atlas of the Classical World, DE29.H61, Maps & Air Photos, Stauffer Library
  • Atlas of the Greek World, DF77.L43, Stauffer Library - Folios
  • Atlas of the Roman World, DG77.C597 1982, Stauffer Library
  • Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World (with 2 vol. directory), G1033 .B3 2000, Maps & Air Photos, Stauffer Library
  • Guide to the Ancient World: A Dictionary of Classical Place Names, DE25.G72 1986, Maps & Air Photos, Stauffer Library
  • Historical Atlas of the Ancient World. Supplemental Volume of Brill's New Pauly.
  • Place Names in Classical Mythology: Greece, REF DF16.B45 1989, Stauffer Library

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Ancient World Mapping Center
Research centre promoting the study of cartography and geography in the ancient world.

Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire and Medieval Civilizations