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Forest Plots: Understanding a Meta-Analysis in 5 Minutes or Less

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Learn how to critically appraise individual research papers using a standardized checklist.

This framework for critical appraisal of research uses established data collection tools and offers the possibility of publishing the appraisal in the form of a refereed report in the RAP Library. It helps users acquire the skills of posing relevant questions about research evidence to assess its quality.

Develop, conduct and report on systematic reviews of multiple research papers.

This comprehensive software suite has been developed to assist users on developing, conducting and reporting on systematic reviews of evidence related to the feasibility, appropriateness, meaningfulness and effectiveness of health care interventions or professional activities.


A simple online tool designed to assist researchers to analyze small qualitative data sets following a three step thematic analysis process.

This tool utilizes a three-step process by extracting qualitative data (such as statements or text), categorizing these extractions on the basis of similarity in meaning and then organizing these categories thematically to form representations of the data. It is designed to assist researchers to conduct thematic analysis in small-scale studies.