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CLST 205 Assignment: Women in the Ancient World

Encyclopedias & Handbooks

"Almost all information about women in antiquity comes to us from male sources. Some women could read and write (see literacy), at least to the level needed for their role as guardians of the household stores (e.g. Xen. Oec. 7. 5 and 9. 10; see housework) but, although there are many references to literary works by women, very few texts survive. The ‘exceptions’ to male authorship include women poets…" (from the Oxford Companion to Classical Civilization, 2nd ed., Oxford University Press, 2014). Read More

Women in antiquity: new assessments
This title contains papers from the International Conference on Women in the Ancient World.

Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World
Select from a range of Companions on specific topics in this series. Some suggestions:

A Companion to Women in the Ancient World
A Companion to Families in the Greek and Roman World
A Companion to Greek and Roman Sexualities

Oxford Handbooks Online – Classical Studies
Please note that we do not have access to everything in this database.    We only have access to the articles where you see the unlocked symbol.   We may have others in print…please ask.


Oxford Bibliographies - Classics
Oxford Bibliographies provides pathway to the most accurate and reliable resources for a variety of academic topics. Every article is an authoritative guide to the current scholarship, written and reviewed by academic experts, with original commentary and annotations.

Women in Antiquity: An Annotated Bibliography
In print only, this is a useful, older title with extensive bibliography on women in both ancient Greece and Rome. Stauffer Library, Reference Collection: REF Z7961.G56