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COVID-19 Pandemic Information Resources Guide

National Data Resources

  • Guide to COVID-19 Time Series Data (Preliminary) / Données de série chronologique COVID-19 (Version préliminarie) (Google Sheets)
    This guide focuses primarily on government-collected data sources on testing, incidence and outcomes of COVID 19 cases in Canada and includes selective coverage of international sources. Data were selected based on good source data and those with known and rigourous data collection methods. It is not meant to be a comprehensive list of sources related to COVID 19 (e.g., impacts, or secondary uses of data).
    Authors: Susan Mowers, University of Ottawa, and Alexandra Cooper, Queen's University.

Kingston and area

Ontario Data Resources

Provincial Data Resources

British Columbia


  • Cases in Alberta - daily data available in CSV or Excel; modelling data also available




Newfoundland and Labrador

  • Pandemic Update - data visualizations by health region updated daily at 3:00 NDT

New Brunswick

Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island


Northwest Territories



World Health Organization (WHO)

John Hopkins University & Medicine


  • Healthmap COVID-19 - world data gathered from publicly available sources such as government reports and news media


Data resources compiled with Susan Mowers, University of Ottawa