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Designing Research Assignments

About I@Q

Inquiry@Queen's Undergraduate Research Conference, is a celebration of inquiry-based learning that showcases research projects from Queen’s undergraduate students.

Join students and faculty from departments across Queen’s at the annual showcase of independent or course-based undergraduate research.

Who can present?

Undergraduate students from any discipline with research results to share.

What kind of research projects?

Course work, directed study projects, honours theses, internship or practicum projects, summer research opportunities, volunteer research and more! Questions? Contact, Queen's Learning Commons, Stauffer Library.

Why Take Part?

Participating will give you an opportunity to share your research with the Queen’s community; to experience an academic conference; to enhance graduate and career skills including critical thinking, effective writing and presentation skills and to engage in scholarly communication with students and faculty from many disciplines.

What form will presentations take?

You can choose to present your research in either a 15-minute presentation (with an additional five minutes for questions), or as a poster presentation.

I@Q Undergraduate Research Journal

Inquiry at Queen's is an eclectic journal that highlights the creative thinking of undergraduates at Queen's University.

Our editorial committee, comprised of students and faculty, is committed to publishing work that reflects the four steps of successful learning: to ask, to investigate, to create, and to reflect.

We welcome both textual and multi-media submissions from all academic areas.

See our QSpace page to read the first issue!   I@Q Undergraduate Research Journal

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