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Jacobean Shakespeare

Selected Resources for Shakespeare

Shakespeare's Religious Language : a Dictionary
REF PR2892 .H37 2005
Shakespeare's Non-standard English : a Dictionary of His Informal Language
REF PR2892 .B56 2004

Theatrical Resources

English Renaissance Theatre History : a Reference Guide.
REF Z2014 .D7 S78 1982

Dictionary of Literary and dramatic censorship in Tudor and Stuart England
PR411 .A93 2001

A Companion to Renaissance Drama
PR651 .C66 2002
Provides an 
expansive and inter–disciplinary approach to Renaissance plays and the world they played to. 

Historical Resources

Encyclopedia of Literature and Politics : Censorship, Revolution, and Writing
REF PN51 .E63 2005
Explores the complex relationship between literature and politics, from ancient Greece to the present. 

Encyclopedia of the Renaissance
REF CB361 .E52 1999
This six volume set is not directly related to Shakepeare and is useful in looking at the world in which Shakepeare wrote. 

Reference Sources

Encyclopedias and dictionaries provide a general overview of a subject and information such as names, dates, and facts.

They also provide historical and political events that may have impacted a person's work and the society and culture in which they lived and worked.

Dictionaries are useful for more than just looking up definitions.  A historical dictionary, such as the Oxford English Dictionary, includes full etymologies, and dated quotations to show shifting meanings over time. 

To find encyclopedias or dictionaries on your topic, search Omni using the keywords of your topic combined with "encyclopedia" or "dictionaries".

The Oxford English Dictionary

The OED is the most comprehensive and authoritative dictionary of the English language. As a citations dictionary, it quotes sentences used by authors to illustrate the history of usage beginning with the earliest known usage of each word.

For assistance on searching, go to Help at OED.