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ENSC 801: Methodological and Conceptual Basis for Environmental Studies

Selected Databases

Besides using Google Scholar, select relevant library databases for your literature review search.  These databases have advanced filtering systems that allow you to make your searches more efficient.

Queen's Library subscribes to over 700 databases.  To ensure that you are using the best databases for your topic, please consult with your subject librarian.  Below is a list of some general databases relevant to Environmental Studies.  More databases.

What is a Technical Report?

  • Technical reports describe the progress or results of scientific or technical research.
  • Usually issued in numbered series by government agencies (watch for changing agency names), university departments or corporations.
  • Usually a good source of information on the municipal/city level
  • Found in print, online, or in microform - search Omni.  Ask library staff for assistance if you need microfiche or microfilm scanned for you.
  • Found online in various repositories.  These reports may NOT be indexed by Google – you need to search each repository’s site.  E.g. NRC’s Publications Archive