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ENSC 801: Methodological and Conceptual Basis for Environmental Studies

About resources for these topics...

All four seminar topics are very broad.  As part of your research, you will need to determine what aspects of your topic to focus on.  For example, "gold mining" could be narrowed to sub-topics such as geology, mining methods, environmental effects, policy, effects on communities, business practices, or commodity pricing.  Keep in mind that not all information is in journal articles.  Government information, statistics, news items, reports, business articles, maps and organizational websites will be valuable sources of information.

So, for each seminar topic, examples of different databases, groups and other resources have been provided to give you some starting points.  These lists are not comprehensive: there are other resources available.  For assistance with finding other resources, contact your subject librarian.

Gold Mining


Try the Knovel ebook collection for background reading.  Sample titles:

Advances in <em>Gold</em> Ore Processing


Business Information

Gold and other metals.



Search the library's catalogue, Omni, to find books and ebooks.  For example,

Firestorm: How Wildfire Will Shape Our Future


Invasive Species


Nuclear Energy