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GEOL/GEOE 439: Advanced Applied Geophysics

Off Campus Access

If you are a member (student, professor, researcher, employee, etc.) of Queen's University community, you can access all of the Library's subscribed electronic resources from off-campus. You just need to log in the proxy server in order to access these resources.

Literature Search Process

Getting Started

Questions to brainstorm as you start your research proces...

What is my research question?

What information do I already have?

What information do I need?

  • List keywords and synonyms
  • List finding aids to use
  • Do I need costs, geographic locations, methodology, maps/geospatial data, reviews, papers, etc?
  • What is the time span?  Do I need historical data?
  • How do I check the credibility of my sources?
  • Who will I need to contact about getting information?  (E.g. governmental organizations, conservation authority, etc.)