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GNDS 215: Introduction to Sexual and Gender Diversity

Finding Books: QCAT

QCAT is the Queen's Library Online Catalogue. It is a searchable database that lists materials (books, journals, magazines, newspapers, videos, government documents, and more) found at Queen’s Library. QCAT also contains the names of the electronic resources to which Queen's Library subscribes, such as electronic journals and ebooks. QCAT does not contain articles. To locate articles, use an index/article database or Summon. 

Search Tips

There are a variety of ways you can locate books in QCAT, including by keyword(s), author, title and subject headings. You can also limit your search in QCAT to books only, or to electronic books. Unless you have a specific author or title (from your course reading list, for example), a keyword or a Boolean keyword search is the best way to locate books on your topic.
Keyword Searching
There are two types of keyword searches available in QCAT. Keyword is a basic search and is similar to searching in Google, where, if your search involves two or more words,  AND is assumed between each word.
Keyword Boolean searches allow you to combine multiple concepts or aspects of your topic, using Boolean operators (AND OR NOT) and phrases using quotation marks. For example, a keyword boolean search for "sexual diversity" with the phrase in quotation marks, will return all materials in the catalogue that contain that phrase somewhere in the record - including title, subject headings, and chapters. 
When you locate a book on your topic, use the subject headings assigned to that book to locate additional materials on the same topic.You can also use these terms when searching for articles in the journal databases.

For more detailed help in searching QCAT, please consult these search tips.


Finding Books: Summon

Summon is the library’s search engine, which enables a simultaneous search of QCAT and many of the library’s online collections from a single search box. Summon contains everything found in QCAT, plus online full-text content available from the Library's many subscription resources including articles, journals, conference proceedings, digital primary source material, electronic books and newspapers, theses and dissertations, multimedia and more.

Executing a basic search in Summon (which is the default search) will return results that pick up your topic words anywhere in the item’s record (title, author, publisher, table of contents) and in the case of articles, somewhere in the article's full text.

Use the Advanced search option in Summon to execute a more precise search (eg. author, keywords in title, date range of publication, etc.), and/or apply a limit to what search results will be returned (such as format type, scholarly materials, items in QCAT only).

Summon Search Tips

  • Note that the Boolean operator OR has to be capitalized in Summon.
  • Use the facets on the left-hand side of the search results page to refine or narrow your search results. For instance, selecting Books (or E-Books) from the Content Type facet:

 summon facet to limit by format

E-Book Collections

Queen's Library subscribes to many electronic book collections. Most individual book titles are listed in QCAT and Summon, but you can also search the collections directly. The following are particularly strong in gender studies related topics:

e-Duke Books Scholarly Collection
Specializes in humanities and social sciences titles published by Duke University Press. One of the best collections for sexual and gender diversity research.

Ebook collection from Canadian and international academic publishers.

Scholars Portal Books
Ebooks available from commercial publishers (such as Springer, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, and Elsevier), Canadian publishers (including Canadian university presses), government and non-governmental organizations.