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Intermediate Senior Health and Physical Education


EduGAINS is a website that houses ministry developed resources to support policies and programs related to improved learning and teaching - Kindergarten to Grade 12 - in Ontario schools.

Health & Physical Education Resources In February, 2015, the Ontario Ministry of Education released revisions to the Health & Physical Education (HPE) Curriculum, which will be taught in classrooms across Ontario, beginning in September, 2015. The revised HPE curriculum, last updated in 1998, contains new material related to a number of issues, including mental health, online safety and the risks of sexting, respect for self and consent within healthy relationships, and respect for diversity.
This booklet and the accompanying resources will explain how the expectations of the revised HPE curriculum will be delivered as part of the family life curriculum offered in Catholic schools.


 Sex education in Ontario


Ontario’s updated Health and Physical Education Curriculum includes sexual education (“sex ed”). Get accurate information about the topics and concepts students learn in school – by grade level.

Safe Social Media (requires media download)


Today’s youth are coming of age totally immersed in a world saturated with media and technology.  This webinar addresses how to help youth stay safe when using social media. Topics discussed include mixed messages, violence and bullying, social media impacts on youth perceptions of what kind of person that they are supposed to be, and more.  It also looks at how youth are creating their own identities in their online worlds and how they are growing up building friendships behind screens. Recommendations for safe social media use are provided throughout.