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Open Journals @ Queen's

Set-Up a New Journal

Contact an Open Scholarship Services specialist at to discuss your new publication.

Support For Your Project

The Library will support you in all aspects of your publication set-up, management and ongoing promotion and dissemination including:

  1. Formulating your publication set-up and sustainment plan
  2. Preparing your journal policies e.g. the Peer Review; Privacy Statement; Copyright, Permissions and Licensing; Competing Interests; Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement and other policy information
  3. Preparing editorial guidelines for authors, reviewers, copyeditors, translators, layout editors, proofreaders; publications scheduling.
  4. Review the Committee on Publication Ethics Code of Conduct (for journal Publishers and Editors) and International Standards for Editors and Authors.
  5. Registering an ISSN(s) for your journal.

Publication Set-Up: Getting Started

Things to consider before you establish your new publication:

  1. Standards in professional publishingReview the Review the Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing (Open Access Scholarly Publishing Association), to ensure your planned journal meets professional standards
  2. Aim of the journal: Outline the focus, scope and target audience.
  3. Resources needed (staff, time, and funds): Consider the ongoing staff resource needed: e.g. Editorial Board; Reviewers; Copyeditors; Layout Editors; time commitments and any funds etc.The Library can provide guidance in this area.