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Research Starting Points for Graduate Students in Law

This guide provides a curated list of research tools and library resources that graduate students at the Faculty of Law may find useful.

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Introductory Legal Texts

If you are coming to an area of law for the first time, it can be helpful to read an introductory text before diving into serious legal research. Here are some legal secondary sources that can help you to become familiar with a legal topic.

  • Essentials of Canadian Law: Included as part of Irwin Law's E- Library, these books provide a good overview of Canadian law in a range of legal subjects.

  • Elgar Advanced Introductions to Law: These concise e-books serve as accessible introductions for undergraduate and graduate students coming to particular legal subjects for the first time.

  • Halsbury's Laws of Canada: A comprehensive legal encylcopedia of Canadian law published by LexisNexis Canada. Available on Lexis Advance Quicklaw

  • Canadian Encyclopedic Digest: A comprehensive legal encyclopedia of Canadian law published by Thomson Reuters. Available on Westlaw Edge Canada.

  • Additional introductory texts not listed above can be identified in the law library subject guides, through an Omni search, or by browsing the law library's print reserve collection.