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Research Starting Points for Graduate Students in Law

This guide provides a curated list of research tools and library resources that graduate students at the Faculty of Law may find useful.

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Legal Citation

Once you have written up your research, don't forget the citations. Unless your supervisor has specified otherwise, it is safe to assume that your citations should be written up in McGill Guide style. The ninth edition of the McGill Guide is available in print at the law library, or you can access it electronically via your personal Westlaw Edge Canada accounts. 

If you need a concise refresher to the McGill Guide rules, the law library's guide, Legal Citation with the 9th Edition of the McGill Guide is an excellent resource. The guide includes an overview of the basic rules of legal citation, as well as an interactive legal citation tutorial. 

Citation Management

Citation management software (i.e., citation managers) can help save you time by formatting footnotes and bibliographies for you in the citation style of your choice. In addition to being a great tool for academic writing, citation managers can also help you collect, organize, and annotate information sources (including full-text PDFs) for other purposes.

Zotero is the only citation management system that currently supports the McGill Guide style. For more information, see Legal Citation Management with Zotero.