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Inquiry Toolkit: A Guide for Faculty in Course Development

Liaison Librarians

Contact your Liaison Librarian for support with resources and research skill development.

Welcome to the Inquiry Toolkit for Course Development

Queen's Liaison Librarians provide support for course development in face-to-face, blended, and virtual learning environments.Each academic department is supported by a librarian who selects and organizes information tools and resources for use in teaching, learning, and research. Queen's library has a world-class collection built with the assistance of librarians who keep abreast of the latest databases, e-book collections, online reference encyclopedias and handbooks, primary sources, government documents, data and statistics, and  image, photograph, video-streaming, and music collections.

Apart from recommending resources, we can also identify research tools and guides that best support research assignments. Inquiry-based projects are a standard part of post-secondary curricula and involve determining a research focus, gathering and evaluating evidence, and using it to create arguments.

Project Information Literacy, a large-scale study of student search behaviour in higher education, documents that the majority of first-year students cannot meet the research demands of university courses (Head, 2013). They struggle with conducting effective searches in academic databases and interpreting the content of scholarly information. In online learning environments, where students may not have orientations to research tools and academic writing, there is an even greater need for a formal infrastructure to support inquiry-based learning.

Please review this Library Toolkit to learn more about how we can support resource selection and inquiry-based learning in your physical or virtual classroom.


Head, A. J. (2013). Learning the ropes: How freshmen conduct research once they enter college. Project Information Literacy. Seattle WA: Washington University, Project Information Literacy.