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DOIs & Your OJS Journal

The Library's DOI Minting Service

All Queen's publications (new and existing) hosted via the Library's Journal Hosting Service will automatically have persistent Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) assigned to each article as part of the Library's new DOI minting service.  

This guide provides a brief overview of this new service, what it means for your publication, as well as specific tasks to be undertaken by journal teams in order to activate this service within the OJS publishing platform.  

Background to the DOI Minting Service

Scholars Portal (SP), a service of the Ontario Council of University Libraries, provides technical support and platform hosting services for Queen's instance of the Open Journal Systems publishing platform.

SP has recently become a sponsoring affiliate of CrossRef, the DOI Registration Agency for scholarly materials (journal articles, books, etc.). This means that SP will pay the annual CrossRef membership fee for small academic publishers across Canada in order to mint DOIs on their behalf via the DOI and CrossRef plugins available in the OJS platform.  Queen's University Library will pay the $1 US for each new article published.

What this Means for Your OJS Journal:

Sponsored by SP, Queen's University Library is a now 'sponsored publisher' member of CrossRef.  This means that the Library will work with all Queen's journal teams to support the automatic minting of DOIs for new journal issues / articles hosted by the Library's Journal Hosting Service.

Queen's University Library has been assigned the following CrossRef DOI prefix:10.24908.  This will be assigned to all* forthcoming article DOIs for our hosted journals that meet the CrossRef DOI requirements in the set-up pages on the OJS publishing platform:

Criterion to Activate the DOI Plugins in Your OJS Journal Site

In order to activate the DOI plugins on your journal site in the OJS publishing platform, Queen’s OJS Administrator will ensure the following in information has been accurately completed in your Journal Setup pages: 

  • Journal Title
  • Journal Initials
  • Journal Abbreviation
  • Journal ISSN (or electronic ISSN)**
  • Principal Contact (name and email)
  • Technical Support Contact (name and email)
  • Publisher (Institution and URL)

For more, see:

*If you currently mint DOIs for your OJS Journal as an independent CrossRef Publisher Member, you may continue your existing workflow. If you would like the Library to undertake this service at no cost to you, please contact Queen's OJS Administrator.  

**To be eligible for a unique ISSN (International Standard Serial Number your journal must meet the following requirements defined by Library and Archives Canada.   If you wish to apply for an ISSN for your journal please contact Queen's OJS Administrator.