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DOIs & Your OJS Journal

Workflow & Tasks

There are a number of tasks which must be completed by either Queen's OJS Administrator or the Journal Manager, in order to ensure the timely minting of DOIs for journal articles in OJS.  More information about these specific tasks is outlined on this page.

Step 1: Initial Setup on Your Journal Site

Queen's OJS Administrator: 

In order to activate the DOI plugins on your journal site in the OJS publishing platform, the following set-up tasks will be completed by the Queen’s OJS Administrator:

  1. Ensure that all Journal Setup steps have been accurately completed in your Journal Setup pages, including the following information:
    1. Journal Title
    2. Journal Initials
    3. Journal Abbreviation
    4. Journal ISSN (or electronic ISSN)
    5. Principal Contact (name and email)
    6. Technical Support Contact (name and email)
    7. Publisher (Institution and URL)
  2. Enable and configure both the DOI Public Identifier plugin and the Crossref Export plugin to automatically deposit article DOIs to CrossRef as articles are publishes 
  3. Set the default syntax for the item suffix (see above).  The suffix will be made up of an acronym based on the journal’s title using ASCII characters as well as the journal volume and issue number (if used).

Step 2: Automatically Mint DOIs for New Journal Articles


1. *DO NOT schedule your publication-ready articles to receive new DOIs via CrossRef until you have completed all of the editorial workflows and your articles are ready for publication*.

2. DOIs can only be assigned to articles and any associated supplemental files, NOT journal issues

In order to automatically mint DOIs for publication-ready articles published in your OJS journal complete the following steps: 

Journal Manager:

  1. Once you have completed all peer-review and editorial workflows in the Submission workflow, schedule the articles for publication by ensuring the issue is 'published' in OJS: Navigate to Issues -> Future Issues -> Edit Issues -> Publish Issue
    1. Note: To transfer the article metadata to Crossref, in order to return the DOI, you must publish the issue in OJS.  
  2. Next, contact Scholarly Publishing services in the Library to notify them that a new issue is ready for publication at least 24 hours before the issue launch date. Staff will then submit the article(s) metadata to Crossref and notify the journal manager.
    1. If your journal operates under a continuous publication model you will need to submit the article metadata to Crossref each time a new article is published: Tools -> Import/Export -> CrossRef XML Export Plugin -> select the 'Articles' tab -> select each article and 'submit (ensure 'Validate XML before the export and registration' remains checked).
  3. Once you have received confirmation from Scholarly Publishing services that your article metadata has been successfully sent to Crossref add the DOI to the production-ready formatted article PDF file (and upload it to the journal issue: Issues -> Back Issues -> select the issue -> navigate to each article in the Table of Contents ->) in either of the following formats:
    1. As a ShortDOI: e.g. using the ShortDOI Service. To generate a ShortDOI, enter the long-form DOI into the ShortDOI Service in this form: 10.24908/eoe-ese-rse.v18i0.6841 and select Submit.  Your short DOI will be returned
    2. As a full DOI URL: NOT:
  4. Notify Scholarly Publishing services about any changes to the metadata for articles published in your OJS journal, which have already been assigned a DOI, so that the item records in the Crossref metadata registry can be updated.