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DOIs & Your OJS Journal

Why Assign DOIs to Journal Articles?

  • Link persistence: unlike URLs, DOI links continue to function even if content moves or changes ownership, mitigating link rot, affecting approximately one in five articles in STM disciplines[1].
  • Content visibility and accessibility:  the persistent DOI confers formal ‘published’ status to the item, as opposed to other digital web-based ephemera.
  • Impact and visibility: the persistent DOI makes content discoverable thus driving traffic to it so that it may be downloaded, cited, discussed (e.g. tweeted), linked to etc.
  • Added value: stable linking enriches the end-user experience, the scholarly research process, and the utility of published resources.
  • Indexing and abstracting for dissemination: for a journal to be indexed in many journal indices e.g. such as Compendex, editors are required to assign DOI to their published articles. 

[1] Klein, Martin, et al. "Scholarly context not found: One in five articles suffers from reference rot." PloS one 9.12 (2014):