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Open Educational Resources for Teachers

This guide is a compilation of current open-access web sites for teachers who are looking for either lesson ideas that connect to the Ontario curriculum, K to 12.

Open Educational Resources

The creators of "Open Educational Resources" (OERs) are willing to share their work on the internet.  The Creative Commons definition of OERs makes clear that OER creators have expressly chosen to share their content:


K to 12 teachers share resources using blogs, wikis, social media, web sites, and by specifically assigning their content a Creative Commons license that allows a level of sharing.  Read more about Creative Commons licenses here: 

View the video to learn more about the value of open educational resources for teachers.

Blake, D. (2012, June 5).  Why open education matters [Video file].  Retrieved from

OERs for K-12 Teachers

OER Commons

Open education resources, iincluding lesson plans, for teachers.  Modify and adapt the lesson plans to connect with his curriculum.

U.S. Office of Educational TechnologyU.S. Office of Educational Technology, OPEN EDUCATION

OERs at the University Level