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A brief guide to information resources in Philosophy at Queen's University Library.

QCAT Search Tips

QCAT Search Tips

  • Omit initial articles (e.g. the, a, an, le, la) when searching for a title
  • Capitalization is not necessary
  • Author search: last name first name
  • Keyword: A Keyword or Keyword Boolean search will search all parts of an item’s record, including book chapter titles (drawn from the Table of Contents) of many recently published books. Keyword searching uses Boolean operators:  ANDOR,NOT


narrows your search results because all words entered into the search box must appear somewhere in each returned result


broadens your search results because either/any of the words entered into the search box must appear somewhere in each returned result


excludes unwanted terms/concepts from being returned in your search results

  • Keyword search: the Boolean operator AND is assumed between each search word. Enclose phrases in “quotation marks” to keep words in the phrase together.
  • Keyword Boolean: allows you to control your search results by combining your topic words and phrases (using AND and OR) and excluding unwanted concepts (using NOT). For example: "multicultural policy” OR “immigration policy”

    • Use quotation marks for phrases: “animal ethics”
    • when combining multiple words/phrases with more than one Boolean operator, group search terms by using parentheses:
      •  (multicultural OR immigration) AND (policy OR law)
  • When you locate a relevant title, check the assigned subjects to search for additional materials.
  • Record the call numbers of relevant books and utilize Show on Floorplan as you orient yourself to the layout of the library stacks.
  • Log in to QCAT to Save Searches, add titles to My Book Bag, check your Account.