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Primary Junior Indigenous Education

Resources for K-6 teachers.

Circle of Life: Learning from an Elder

Indigenours Education CoalitionExmples of Nelson's levelled readers based on authentic First Nations stories and culture. Each kit has a supporting teacher DVD that includes interactive eBooks with embedded audio and read-along text highlighting (words can be isolated and read aloud), illustrations bank, Blackline Masters, word lists,
and PD videos.  Go to kit collection on Floor 2: kit PE1119 .N451 2013 -- kit PE1119 .N452 2013 --  kit PE1119 .N453 2013 -- PE1119 .N454 2013 kit -- kit PE1119 .N455 2013 -- PE1119 .N456 2013 kit

Getting to Know Turtle Island

Turtle Island Resource List. This is the list of print resources included in Turtle Island, in case you would like to request them from the Education Library or purchase them for your own collection. These titles are organized by grade.

Raven Tales Graphic Novels and DVDs Grades 4-6

Raven Tales

Howl at the moon: juv E78.N78 R38 2012 pt.008 and video E78.N78 R38 2005 DVD pt.008

The people in the village are tired because the wolves howl all night, so the men head off into the woods to flush them out.

Wina chases a pair of wolves to a high shelf of rock but he decides to lower his spear rather than harm them. That night he becomes lost in a sudden winter storm and the people fear he has perished, but he returns the next day covered with a warm deer fur, rested and fed. He explains that he was cared for by two shadowy strangers in a cave, who revealed themselves as the wolves from the hunt who decided to show him mercy as he had done for them. They tell him that they only cry out in the night to tell the people of the village that all is well.

Raven gets sick: juv E78.N78 R38 2012 pt.010 and video E78.N78 R38 2005 DVD pt.010

It is a cold winter and everybody is sick. Frog counsels  that the people may find a cure for these ills in the roots, the leaves and the bark of the plants if the people are smart enough to find them, and wise enough to remember them.

Raven and the First People: juv E78.N78 R38 2012 pt.002 and E78.N78 R38 2005 DVD pt.002 video

Bored and frustrated with the new animals, Raven and Eagle find a giant clam shell with the first men inside. Raven takes charge of the men, teaching them to hunt and make fire, but they are useless and he grows tired of them. They find another shell, this time with the first women inside but Raven decides to get rid of them and pushes them back out to sea. A year passes and Raven and Eagle find the clam shells empty on the beach, and beyond, a village of the first people with their children.

The gathering: juv E78.N78 R38 2012 pt.012 and E78.N78 R38 2005 DVD pt.012 video

The First People return to their village, which has been destroyed by the great flood. They struggle to work, but days go by but they make little progress by themselves. After many days they are exhausted and hungry with much still to be done.

Rough face girl: juv E78.N78 R38 2012 pt.013 and video E78.N78 R38 2005 DVD pt.013

The boys are making fun of a girl and call her ugly which hurts her feelings, so Frog tells her the story of the Rough Face girl. Rough Face Girl comes upon a huge wigwam with a great bird guarding the entrance. He informs her that the Great Spirit is inside, and he is looking for a wife, but he will only wed someone who can truly see him.

Spiders and dreams: juv E78.N78 R38 2012 pt.020 and video E78.N78 R38 2005 DVD pt.020

Dza is having nightmares. She cannot sleep and is confused and scared. Finding it difficult to decide on exactly what she’s afraid of, Eagle and the people decide she must be afraid of spiders because she said there was a spider in her nightmare. To help keep her from being frightened, Wina tries to watch over her as she sleeps. Unfortunately, he too falls asleep and enters the dream world. Here he meets the Spider and She gives him a gift of knowledge to protect the children from evil spirits. When Wina wakes up, he teaches the other parents of the village how to fashion the wood, leather and feathers into special gifts for their children, called a Dream Catcher.

Recommended Booklists

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