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Databases - The Chicago Manual of Style Online

NB* The CMOS has recently released an updated edition of the Style Guide. Following the links described here will take you to the The Chicago Manual of Style Online 17th edition. Please check with your professor as to the required edition, as you can still access the 16th edition at the same site if needed.


Knowing how to find a database on the Queen's University Library website:

A successful search can be dependent on choosing the right database. The directions below describe how one can navigate to The Chicago Manual of Style online. Searching this database will allow to to quickly and accurately cite your sources.

I will use this example to show you how you would find any database to which Queen's Library subscribes. Starting from the Library homepage ( select Databases from the yellow search area:

Type Chicago Manual of Style in the search box, click Search at the right, and your result will appear below.

If you are not sure which of the many databases are the best for your needs, we have identified a set often used by Education Students. 

You will go to the same Database page, however you will use the dropdown box to select Education from the Browse Database by Subject dropdown box:

Multidisciplinary databases index a greater number of publications in a variety of academic subjects than discipline-specific databases (such as Education Source), and they allow you to search across the disciplines. 

These databases all cover multiple subject areas:


Academic Search Complete

Canadian Business and Current Affairs (CBCA)

Google Scholar

Navigating CMOS 17th edition