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Public Administration

Almanacs & Yearbooks

Yearbooks provide information (facts, summaries, statistics, etc), relating to the previous year. Yearbooks can deal either with a particular region or
country, a number of countries, or a particular subject.
Almanacs are similar to yearbooks, in that they may be published annually. Their arrangement is often ad hoc and use of the index is essential.
They may include chronologies of events, miscellaneous facts and figures, tables, charts, calendars etc.
Canada Year Book (to 2012)
Canada Year Book Historical Collection (1867-1967)
CA1 BS11 C402 (1980-current; 2002-2005 not published) (Documents)
CA1 BS11 C202 (1867-1979) (Documents)
Social and economic life of Canada and its citizens.
Canadian Almanac and Directory
F5008.1 C3 from 1857- ( Latest at REF)
Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs (1961-2003; missing 1983, 1989, 2002)
online via Scholar's Portal  or Canadian Electronic Library (desLibris)
REF F5003.C33 (1960-2004[2010])
From 1960 to 1970, this review was named Canadian Annual Review. It provides a survey of the major political, economic and social events of the year in Canada.
Yearbook of International Organizations
Latest volume in Reference, with irregular holdings going back to 1949.
in print UN4 OPI Y27 (Government Documents)