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Research Data Management at Queen's University

Guide to Research Data Management planning


The whole notion of developing a data management plan and depositing data may seem daunting to some. This guide is just one way that Queen's University Library is here to support and partner with you to make sure this process is as painless as possible.  For assistance with research data management, please contact your Subject Liaison Librarian or

Why Manage Your Research Data?

Data Management

Managing your research data will help you: 

  • meet funding agency requirements
  • write more competitive grant applications
  • get credit for your data and increase its impact and visibility
  • encourage the discovery and use of your data to explore new research questions
  • improve your data's accuracy, completeness, and usability
  • ensure long-term preservation of data for future researchers
  • comply with ethics and privacy policies

Queen’s University Library provides Research Data Management Services. For an overview, see the brief PowerPoint presentation on Research Data Management.  For more information, or to deposit your research data, contact us.

Other Considerations

What about finishing my research?

You can set an embargo date on deposited data to prevent others from having access until after your research is complete and published.  In the meantime, your data is safe, well-documented, and available exclusively to you and your research team.   

Do I retain Copyright?

Depositing data into a repository does not generally affect copyright ownership. Depositors can specify conditions that secondary users must adhere to when accessing deposited data.  Data are normally shared for research and teaching purposes only -- not for commercial purposes.

What kinds of research data can be deposited?

We are open to considering a wide variety of data types and sources from all disciplines, as described in our data deposit policy.  If you have, or know of data, that should be preserved, contact us at:


Sincere thanks to the team at Boston College in Chestnut Hill, MA for allowing us to model this guide after an earlier iteration of their research data management LibGuide.

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