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SOCY 122 ASO Section 700: Introduction to Academic Library Research

Finding Articles

In Module 5, Finding Books, we looked at searching Omni to find books by title, author, and topic keywords. In this module, we turn to finding articles - specifically scholarly journal articles.  Omni includes content from the various research databases to which Queen's University Library subscribes but not everything is included. Due to its vast database, searches in Omni will retrieve search results often in the thousands, if not more, but many of the search results may not be in your subject discipline.  While journal articles can be found in all subject areas using Simple or Basic Search in Omni if you are conducting a thorough, discipline-specific search, the best option is to identify relevant databases and use the advanced search options. 

In this module we will address: 

  • the characteristics of different types of articles (scholarly, popular and newspaper)
  • parts of an academic journal article
  • how to locate a specific article when you have a citation
  • how to find relevant databases 
  • how to find articles on a topic using Sociological Abstracts
  • recommended multidisciplinary search tools