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Welcome to the Teaching and Learning Library

This guide supports the work of librarians leading information literacy development. It describes a 5-step process approach framing library instruction to meet higher education quality assurance standards. Please check each tab for our workshop materials from the Ontario Library Association pre-conference workshop 2013 to support your efforts as a leader in the learning library. To support librarians in the development of their teaching, we offer professional development workshops that follow our TO-LEAD curriculum framework.

TLWG Framwework

TO-LEAD: A Curriculum Framework for Academic Liaison Librarian Professional Development

Teaching Strategies

Application of educational theory and foundational principles for learning and assessment in physical and virtual classrooms, online tutorial design, and use of educational technologies.

Open Accountability

Demonstrating standards set within the quality assurance environment in teaching and learning initiatives.

Learning Partners

Working with multiple partners (faculty, educational developers, technology specialists, writing and learning specialists) to bring a systematic, programmatic, and integrated approach to the development of information literacy.

Educational Technologies

Technical expertise in the creation of online tools for information literacy (e.g. videos, LibGuides, quizzes, tutorials) and how they can be embedded in course management systems.
Advocacy Tactical skills and knowledge to engage in teaching and learning debates, initiatives, planning, and partnerships.

Developing  Self-regulation

Becoming a reflective educator who plans, monitors, and sets goals for their professional teaching practice.

Teaching and Learning Working Group

Sylvia Andrychuk

Cory Laverty:

Suzanne Maranda

Nasser Saleh