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Lindauer, B.G. (2004). The three arenas of informaton literacy assessment. Reference & User Services Quarterly, 44(2), 122-129.

ACRL Instruction Section (IS). Analyzing Your Instructional Environment: A Workbook.

Workshop Materials

Environmental Scan

In The Three Arenas of Information Literacy Assessment, Lindauer (2004) presents a conceptualization of “three arenas” critical to information literacy learning and assessment: the learning environment, information literacy program components and student learning outcomes, and provides a series of questions which can guide librarians in the information gathering process of the environmental scan. An environmental scan of your academic liaison areas/departments helps to identify venues for further information literacy development and assessment opportunities in preparation for cyclical program reviews.

The chart below outlines useful questions to ask and information to gather about your academic department(s).

Departmental Responsibility


Curriculum Review

Courses where IL is already provided

Other areas of librarian involvement

Is there a committee responsible for mapping DLEs (degree level expectations) to the curriculum?


Gather copies of course syllabi and assignment descriptions


Identify which courses are research intensive/have a research component

Identify which courses are required in a program

Number of IL classes and number of students in these classes


Orientation activities

Is there a curriculum planning committee?



Are IL learning outcomes included in course outlines and syllabi?

Research guides created for specific courses


Usage statistics on subject and course guides


Are learning outcomes explicitly stated at the program level?

Are there specific assignments requiring the use of library and information resources that demonstrate specific IL skills?

Usage of course specific online tutorials


Types of general library guides available for students (independent learning opportunities)

Are there connections between the department and a college/university teaching and learning unit?

Are library information and resources included in the course description?

Integration into course management systems


Links to liaison librarian and resources included on departmental /course websites


Is there specialized training for Teaching Assistants?


Research consultations stemming from course integrated IL


Reference and research consultations; office hours in department

Number of students enrolled in the discipline for their major and minor


Collaboration between faculty /teaching assistant coordinator in assessing IL skills through course assignments

Contributions to departmental newsletters  (ex. dissemination of information about new resources)


Exit poll data; data from departmental appraisals

(student satisfaction re quality of the learning environment)



Library collections/resources integrated into courses: specific databases, journals